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B Corp Certified

B as in Better, not Best—because there will always be more to do.​

We are B Corp Certified, meaning we are a business that meets the high verified standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency across our entire operation—from production to HR and everything in between. We're proud of this accomplishment that's based on our innovative sustainable materials and commitment to give back to our community. We're not trying to be the best, but Better—because there will always be more to do.​

So...What's B Corp?​

B Corp is a global movement driven to change the current economic system of businesses putting profit above all else. B Lab, the nonprofit that grants this certification, creates standards and policies to shift this behavior with the vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy that works for everyone.

Why Become Certified?​

B Corp is the only accreditation that measures a company's entire performance, both socially and environmentally. This multi-year certification process touched every part of our team so we could collectively complete the B Impact Assessment—a 250+ questionnaire that scores a company based on five impact areas: workers, environment, governance, community, and customers. This certification reinforces our ongoing commitment to take accountability for our impact and work towards being more socially responsible. You can see our report here.

What Now?​

Working within the B Corp framework, we’re furthering our commitment by reducing waste, improving our carbon footprint, and continuing to create an ethical workplace environment. B Corps must recertify their standings every three years, and we're excited to work towards a Better future.

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