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Carry It Forward
Our choices today matter tomorrow. We’re always working on ways to innovate, and that includes new ways to reduce waste — and our carbon footprint — in how we design and create our products.
We've repurposed over
plastic water bottles
Our innovative sustainable materials repurpose both pre-consumer and post-consumer waste, including plastic water bottles made from PET (single-use plastic).

REC Nylon

36.9+ Tons

Of nylon transformed into our bags and kept out of landfills — and counting.

80.7+ Tons

Of CO2 emissions reduced (and counting).


Fewer natural resources consumed (vs producing virgin nylon).

Producing new, or “virgin,” nylon consumes important natural resources, like water and energy, and takes a further toll on the environment in the form of greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re innovating a better way.

We’ve developed a proprietary nylon blend that utilizes recovered pre-consumer materials generated by manufacturers — like scraps and trimmings — in place of virgin materials, without sacrificing style or durability.

All of our REC Nylon products go through rigorous testing to ensure they stand the test of time, meet our industry-leading standards, and are free from harmful chemicals (just like all of our other products).

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PowerPuff Fill


water bottles and counting.

Power Puff is created from a blend of upcycled, post-consumer PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). PET is one of the most common single-use plastics in the world — think soda and water bottles, and anything else marked with the recycling code “1.” Since 2018, we’ve used it as a replacement for the industry-standard polyfill, which is made from virgin plastic, to give our bags their signature lightweight, airy structure — and keep plastic out of landfills and the ocean.

Our Leather

Sustainable leather is leather that is sourced as a byproduct of farming and agricultural industries, rather than from animals that are raised solely for the purpose of using their leather for fashion or consumer goods. Unlike "vegan" or faux leather, which is produced using chemicals that have a negative impact on the environment and tends to deteriorate quickly, our leather has minimal environmental impact. We work with independent mills and family-owned tanneries to ensure long-lasting, heirloom quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

We source our Italian leather only from tanneries that are in compliance with REACH, a regulation of the European Union that protects the environment by restricting and managing the use of chemicals and other hazardous substances in industrial production.

All of our leather is certified for sustainability and environmental performance by the ICEC, the leading European accreditor for quality and environmental management systems in leather production.

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Dust Bags

Made from

post-consumer plastic bottles

All of the dust bags we include with your purchase(both our fan-favorite Cloud print and white versions) are made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles — over a million of them and counting.

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We strive to use the minimum amount of packaging possible to ensure that your purchase arrives to you in pristine condition. Where packaging is necessary, we use recyclable and post-consumer made products.

We use plastic bags that have been specially formulated to be both recyclable and biodegradable. You can add them to your regular recycling (check your local regulations), but should they end up in a landfill, they will naturally biodegrade within one to five years depending on the conditions of the landfill environment (regular plastic can take hundreds, even thousands of years to break down).

To reduce post-consumer waste, we do not wrap store or website purchases in tissue paper.

The recyclable paper that we use for shipping purposes for our Bedford, Crosby and Metro Collection styles comes from post-consumer sources.

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We're In This

Back in December, we announced an ongoing partnership with The Conservation Fund to help us better understand how to measure and lessen our impact on the environment. With their help, we planted 1000 trees — that's 1205% (or more than 12 times) the amount we needed to offset the climate impact of shipping our products in 2019.

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Becoming a sustainable brand doesn’t happen overnight. We’re constantly innovating and developing industry-leading solutions. Our materials and packaging are an important first step, but there is so much more to come.
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