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Mulberry Bedford

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    Back from the archives, the Frankie is an MZ Wallace classic. With eight exterior pockets, this bag is ready for the busiest of days around town. For Holiday 2016, we crafted it in our signature Bedford Nylon in Mulberry. With custom MZ Wallace gold hardware and finished with mulberry edge dye.
    • Eight exterior zip pockets and signature six pocket interior
    • Detachable market purse (8" l x 5.5" h)
    • Mulberry Italian leather trim
    • Custom MZ Wallace gold hardware
    • Water and stain resistant
    • Detachable, adjustable crossbody strap
    • 13" l x 4.5" w x 12" h 7" handle drop
    • Model's height is 5'9"
    Bedford Nylon
    Bedford Nylon

    Our signature coated nylon fabric. Lightweight, durable, water and stain resistant. In purple with pink undertones.

    Jacquard Lining
    Jacquard Lining

    A soft fabric woven with a subtle MZ Wallace logo. In raspberry.

    The reviews are for the Frankie shape, not specifically the Mulberry Bedford color or material.
    Angela jo | December 5, 2016

    After seeing a customer from out of town have an MZ Wallace bag I new I had to have one. It took me almost three years to decide, then the Frankie came back and in this amazing color! I am a full time employee and full time student (going back to college in my 30's) so I carry at least a days worth of things everywhere I go. Pens, pencils, highlighters, calculator. A full liter of water fits in here along with notebooks, sometimes a jacket. I love all the pockets! It makes it so easy to be organized. In addition to organization, the multitude of pockets also help to carry all the essentials in one bag. Prior to this I was carrying a purse and backpack. LOVE THIS BAG! Glad I finally made the purchase. Thank you MZ Wallace for making life easier for this full time worker and full time college student!

    Susan | June 14, 2016

    LOVE the Frankie -- just what I have always wanted - the size is not too big, but there are still many many pockets. Really perfect!! Just bought the Frankie Travel, now too, and hoping for more colors. Thanks for the gold zips on them, too --

    Robin | June 11, 2016

    wow, ok, let me preface by saying I own every Frankie but two. I fanzine wants to pass on a cranberry one to me I will be beyond thrilled! so, my new Tiger Eye arrives. should be old hat now, jus another Frankie, know I love it, know why, have posted other reviews here. BUT, this frankie is drop dead gorgeous, creamy caramel color, rich, classic, up there with my moto one. oh my, the handles! softer than older versions. did I say the color has sheen? changes in various lights. do not judge this color from the MZ web page, so much prettier in real life. happy camper again. NOW PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE< make me a purple with silver hw, and oh yeah, find me the old cranberry one.

    Aubrey | March 16, 2015

    Ah, the Frankie! What a beauty! Stunning bag with amazing pockets and super functional layout. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I have two (Eggplant and Bordeaux) and would definitely buy more. Please bring it back in Black or Plum (or any vivid purple) with a better lining than the more recent ones? The diamond logo lining wears the best out of all the different linings that I've had. And please get rid of the warm cafe color for the lining. It's so blah compared with the beauty of these bags. One of the things that has always set the MZW bags apart and I've gotten so many compliments are the beautiful cheery lining colors. I've actually avoided buying most of the newer stuff because I don't like it. Sad, but true. I would love another Frankie or two, so I'd be thrilled if it was brought back again. (It might be cool to have a special release of Frankie again but with the flat, wider shoulder straps on the Francis Tote. Love those straps even more than the rolled ones.)

    Susan | March 16, 2015

    I don't know what rock I was hiding under, but I have missed the boat on Frankie. How is she not in my collection? I've got Jane, Emma, Belle, Bianca, Josie, Kit, Johanna, Chelsea, Hayley and even Pippa, but no Frankie. MZ Wallace, please please please help me rectify this situation! My MZ Wallace-loving pals sing Frankie's unending praises. I just know we would be good friends. Bring her back, in more than one color, sometime very soon. And give her a really jazzy lining! Black Moto, black studded, one of your fabulous patterns ... That's the stuff dreams are made of!

    L | March 15, 2015

    Love the Frankie. Has great straps, has great pockets, has a cross body, and is deep enough to hold a lot without feeling huge. If I had to pick just one bag to one Frankie would be it. MZ WALLACE PLEASE it back in black with silver hardware!!!

    Dawn | March 14, 2015

    I was fortunate to still be able to get my hands on a Frankie. I love it. I own many MZ Wallace bags. Frankie is one of my favorites. I love all the pockets for organization. The added crossbody makes it fantastic. That's one of the reasons it's beats out Jane in my opinion. It lies close to your body when you are carrying it so it doesn't feel bulky. Not to mention it is an absolutely gorgeous bag. The fabric luminous and soft. You really have to see it in person to appreciate its beauty. Please, please, bring this bag style back. You would make a lot of women very happy! Would also like to see colored linings like this bag style had instead of just the caffe color.

    Jenn | March 14, 2015

    I own the Frankie and Bordeaux and it is such a great bag. The handle drop is perfect for either shoulder carry or hand carry. This style works great for when I have my kids with me or am out by myself. It is so cute and functional. My only regret is that I was not into MZ Wallace when the Frankie was a regular part of seasonal releases, because if I was I would have bought it in almost every color released. Now I find myself with only one and desperately wishing I could buy it in black, purple, and a gray. Please make more of this style, please!

    Tania | March 14, 2015

    Would love to see this come back. It's the perfect bag other than the Clara. Love the dark red too. I hope to find one of these beauties some day.

    Chris | March 14, 2015

    Please bring back the Frankie in black and other colors!!!!

    Teresa | November 27, 2014

    I was lucky enough to get a black stud Frankie a few years ago, which is the sexiest bag ever. I get showered with compliments every time I use it. Just bought the bordeaux Frankie and cannot wait to get my hands on it. It is a brilliant shape; lots of flexibility with all the pockets. You can't lose anything in this one!

    Fern | September 14, 2014

    Love the Frankie style and have been hoping it would come back, but please need black and other colors.

    Alexa | August 25, 2014

    Dying to have a Frankie - in black! PLEASE bring it back in black!

    Robin | September 28, 2012

    Just received my new Frankie from delivery. WOW! I had hesitated about buying this bag sight unseen but I did my research and compared all the candidates, from dimensions to number of pockets, shape, size and funky appeal. I made the right decision. this is a winner. I was using about the same size bag in a heavy leather. today my back and shoulders said thank you! I love that I carry it easily when it is lightly packed, but for travel, I can add the shoulder strap. The eggplant color is deep, rich, dark aubergine, almost a black brown shade that looks so much nicer, in my opinion, than plain old black. Love the bag, it got noticed on the first day out. traveling with it next week, will update my review after the first trip.

    Julie | October 18, 2011

    The BEST. I love Bea, Jane. However since this bag is long , not wide AnYONE can carry it. I'm 5 feet tall and it's fine for shopping and I love the silver hardware. Other colors have the gold. This gives it some edge. Don't be afraid of all the pockets, to keep it from looking HUGE, I don't fill them and use all the interior pockets. GO MZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gloria | August 18, 2011

    This bag is definitely a no-brainer. The leather is more monotoned than pictured on the site, a very creamy tan color, closer to the color of the nylon. Great customer service, fast delivery is always a plus.

    Mandy | December 5, 2010

    I had been looking at the Francis style, and when MZW introduced the Frankie, I was thrilled, as I prefer the zip front pocket to the lock closure. I purchased this bag before an overseas trip, and used it as my second carry-on. With all the exterior pockets, it was so easy to locate my passport and other items that needed to be accessed quickly. It fit perfectly under the seat, and no matter how full, it was light on my shoulder. It holds so much more than you'd think, and it just worked out perfectly. It will continue to be a go-to travel bag. I also received a number of compliments and questions about it on the plane, and think I created some new MZW customers! I am now using it as my everyday bag, and I just love it for all the same reasons that it worked for travel. The pockets are convenient and keep me organized. I can carry it as my single work bag, and it holds everything. I was a bit concerned that the shoulder straps would be too short with a winter coat, but they turned out to be the perfect length. I likely won't use the messenger strap, but I like knowing I have the option. The Plum Bedford nylon is a very dark purple, and functions very well as a neutral. It's beautiful with my black winter coat. I will have this bag for a long, long time and believe it will work for any season. Once again, MZW has created a winner!

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