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Small Nikki
Redwood Bedford

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    New for AW15 is the Small Nikki, an east-west style tote great for everyday wear. A modern take on our classic silhouettes, the Small Nikki is both sleek and functional with custom hardware and pleating details and three detachable strap options. In Redwood Bedford Nylon with custom MZ Wallace silver Moto hardware. Finished with red edge dye.
    • Two exterior zip pockets and signature six interior pockets
    • Detachable market purse (8" l x 5.5" h)
    • Redwood Italian leather trim
    • Custom MZ Wallace silver hardware and protective silver hardware feet
    • Water and stain resistant
    • Detachable, adjustable cross-body strap
    • 12.5" l x 4" w x 9.5" h, 5" handle drop
    • Model's height is 5'9"
    Bedford Nylon
    Bedford Nylon

    Our signature coated nylon fabric. Lightweight, durable, water and stain resistant. In luxe redwood.

    Jacquard Lining
    Jacquard Lining

    A soft fabric woven with a subtle MZ Wallace logo. In redwood.

    The reviews are for the Small Nikki shape, not specifically the Redwood Bedford color or material.
    Mitty | January 14, 2017

    CHIC, BUT...The small Nikki is a very chic bag, but something is funky about its structure that lends to its surprising impracticality, if you like to carry a lot of items in your purse. I have several MZ bags, and I can generally carry a lot in them, even the small ones...But the small Nikki is so cute, that I am keeping it to try to make it work…Let me explain…It seems like it wants to be a skinny bag. I like that it tries to be thin – perhaps that’s what makes it look so chic? But the minute you put things in it, it looks overstuffed – like when an average person (like myself) tries to put on skinny jeans; it simply doesn’t work. If I could create a perfect small Nikki: 1) I might make the base (short side) slightly [ever-so-slightly] wider (maybe ¼ inch?), so that it keeps its thinness, but has a little give to handle a little stuffing or two. Also, the two outside pockets. 2) I might make the slouch pocket a little wider at the base; as it is, it feels stuffed even if hardly anything is in there. 3) I might lose the zipper on the flat outside pocket. The zipper makes the mouth almost too small to put things in, and also slightly inconvenient, awkward, and an extra step to open/close. However, the thinness and tightness of that pocket would be great for a zipper-free pocket; convenient for a large phone, for example. Still, the small Nikki has such a chicness to it that is exemplary of an MZ Wallace bag, that I must keep it. I will simply carry less...perhaps it's a good thing...m@kbt

    C. | August 23, 2016

    I love the look of this bag--very chic and classy. Love all the different carrying options. A great feature of the large front pocket is that it has a divider so that your phone doesn't get scratched up by your keys or other small items--very nice touch. However, when the bag is filled, it seems to slouch over to the front too much--it's very "front heavy" if that makes sense. As a result, the back side of the bag tends to cave in or curve inward and the front big pocket bulges outward so that it looks misshapen when I carry it--overall it looks awkward. Maybe put a similar pleated pocket in the back rather than a straight flat pocket so it won't cave in as much?

    Judy | July 20, 2016

    Love all my bags but I agree the zipper on this bag is sloppy. But love the size!

    Andrea | June 20, 2016

    I love everything about this bag except the zipper. The zipper is on an internal flap that just seems ridiculous to me. It is very inconvenient to grab the flaps in order to zip, and when unzipped, the flaps fall down into the bag and cover the internal pockets. In my mind the design would be much improved if the zipper went straight across the top. It looks like they fixed this with the new Abbey design. Otherwise, the size, shape and three straps is perfect.

    Sylvia | March 30, 2016

    This might be my GoldiLocks bag. I have carried so many different MZW bags in the last few years, and with each one there was always some little tweak I would have changed about the design. Not with the small Nikki. ( Ok - maybe a snap closure option in the center, like they eventually did both with Bianca , but,) This bag is so easy to organize yet not feel pegged, not so tall that it flops or you're elbow deep looking for stuff. The size isn't overwhelming to the body - looks like a purse. against the body, not luggage. Yet it can act like a tote with the square design and wide open zipper. Love the 3 strap options and the shoulder strap is a bit thinner so it stays on the shoulder much better. Oh - and the Redwood ! I'm not a 'color' person but this red works as a neutral. Never thought I'd go for red, but this is very grounded, not a 'pop'. Love this style - getting another in Thunder.

    Julie | February 21, 2016

    I got the redwood color Nikki and love the versatility of the three handle options. It's nice to have a redwood color lining. So many of the linings are taupe. Thanks, MZ, for doing a great color lining. The Bedford nylon with the quilting is really eye catching. One downfall: the MZ Wallace "logo" above the large outside zip pocket is too prominent. A great bag!

    Nancy | November 18, 2015

    Loved this bag immediately. The new fabric is wonderful, and I hope they continue to offer this fabric. This new, somewhat stiffer fabric, adds no weight, it just gives more engineering to the bag. This bag stands upright on it's own, it does not flop over when you are trying to get something out of bag while you're in the car or in a restaurant. You have the option of three different handle styles. Two of these handles are a beautifully treated leather. I received the granite, and the color is amazing. Very sophisticated, not at all gaudy, quietly beautiful. My husband never says a word about my various handbags, but when he saw this one, he commented that it was "pretty". Obviously the organization is still present in this bag, and I like the more subdued outside pockets, more elegant. A great everyday bag.

    Cheryl | November 7, 2015

    Ordered Small Nikki (Snikki) for my birthday present and received her a few days ago!!! As a lover of classic MZW, not much has excited me lately as far as new releases go. I'm an owner of a Hayley, two Paiges, a Belle, a Francis, a Bianca and a Baby Jane. Yes, you got it Snikki is my 8th MZW. I love the pleats, the classic lines and contrasting linings of the older bags. So for the last few seasons, there wasn't much to tempt me to spend money on your brand. Most of the newer bags lack pleats, snazzy leather contrast of texture, or great contrasting lining colors. But this bag intrigued me... What I love about Snikki is that it is similar in size to my favorite, the Hayley bag but this style seems to look a bit more structured with a boxy open top. The front pocket is beautifully pleated and the back still has an outer pocket (both front and back outer pockets are very necessary for me). Then the straps! Not one affixed like paige or two removable like Hayley but three removable straps are included on Snikki!! Whoo, hoo! My favorite strap on this one is the mid length strap that is leather and thinner. It is comfy on the shoulder and the perfect length for shoulder wear. I haven't worn her cross body yet but I know I will at some point and love the included longer sporty nylon strap with leather accents. Finally the shorter double rolled leather straps are a wonderful addition that add flair and style as well as a very convenient way to slip Snikki on the crook of my elbow at times, which I have caught myself doing multiple times in the 2 days I've used her so far. As far as the top of the bag is concerned, it is wide and offers very easy access to the interior. There is almost too much access but there is a very handy flap of fabric on each side of the top that zips together giving the bag a secure closure (except for the gaps under the ends of the zipper). What would make this design all the better would be an additional magnetic snap in the center top for people like me who hate that the zipper is flapping around when it is open and I tend to tuck those flaps down into the bag and leave it open (WIDE open). A little magnetic snap would be a great middle ground. As a busy mom of 3 young kids, this bag also serves as a very roomy option to use for toting those necessary diapers, wipes, pacis and such with plenty of room for my "purse" essentials. I find the interior section of the Snikki very roomy, even more so than the Hayley. I am carrying my pouches, wallet and assorted extras in a very organized fashion with the boxy design of this bag. Things just find a place and stay there in this bag. Now that I focused this review on the style, I cannot help but mention color and fabric. I have heard that the Bedford nylon fabric is slouchy and soft in the Snikki and Nikki bags but I have this bag in the Graphite Luster which happens to be a stiffer fabric. This bag definitely is NOT slouchy whatsoever but it suits me since I liked the look of the picture and LOVE, LOVE the color of the Graphite Luster. If you are looking for a softer silhouette, pick another color in Bedford fabric as I hear those slouch down. The Graphite Luster is gorgeous with metallic leather trim that is a dazzling neutral everyday for a snazzy mommy such as myself or could be a great party/formal color too. Whatever fabric and color you prefer, Snikki is a winner! On a side note: I just wish MZW would go back to offering the majority of the classics in new colors as well as changing up the styles. Bring back Bianca, Jane, Baby Jane, Clara, Francis, Hayley and others for your long time fans. Make them in gorgeous colors with edgy red lining on the leather and Saffiano leather or metallic leather accents, create some interesting colors for the linings. Stir us up and keep us coming back. Otherwise the second hand market will take us away from the new styles. We love your brand, keep producing what made you great for those of us who miss it and are willing to buy it.

    Rhoda | September 9, 2015

    Love, love, love this Small Nikki. I already have the Baby Jane and this new bag seems to fit my bag requirements: small with a lot of pockets, silver hardware, fabricated with Bedford nylon to ensure that the bag is lightweight, and rolled handles. I am hoping, though, that MZ Wallace makes this bag in black. That is when I will buy it.

    Tracey | September 4, 2015

    MZ has done it again. A great small bag that is huge on the inside. I wish the leather strap was little thicker but it still is very nice. This is now my second MZ and I am eyeing up my third bad in the Lizzie!

    Linda j. | September 4, 2015

    Great bag, great color, good pockets. It is the ultimate nylon bag and the ultimate everyday bag

    Ruoxi | September 3, 2015

    Falling love with the Redwood Small Nikki with the first sight via a social media post by one of your retailer in China in this Jan - from then on I decided that this is my A/W must-have MZW bag. The redwood color reminds me of the autumn leaves and winter fireplace and the design fit for both of work and casual. Not to mention the high quality bedford nylon, the refined leather trim, and the functional pockets design. I am a big fan for MZW - so far I have got a black Georgie, a copper Katherine, a small metro tote, a navy Ivy, a navy Sophie, a jungle leather greta and a black leather attache case... I look forward to having more in my MZW collection!

    Karen | September 3, 2015

    I love this bag! Its so practical, just like all my other MZ bags. I hope it comes in other colors soon.

    Carlanna | September 3, 2015

    Even though I love my black Hayley , especially for travel, I wanted a new black everyday bag. I chose the Small Nikki and just love it. I really like the three types of straps, hand, shoulder and cross body. It has just the right amount of room inside .....I can even throw in my IPad Air and a small umbrella. I like how the front zipper compartment has a fabric slip pocket to keep my phone protected from other thing in the compartment.

    Becky | September 3, 2015

    I love the functionality of this bag with the outside & inside pockets. It is a great smaller size but still holds everyday essentials without getting too heavy. The new colors are wonderful!!!!

    Judy | September 3, 2015

    I was waiting for the Small Nikki to come out in Navy and when I received an email on 9/1 I was excited to see the bag was available. I placed my order right away and received the bag today, two days! It is a great size and a really nice shade of Navy. The bag has three handle options which is a perfect feature for me. I will be able to carry all my stuff with me and not be weighed down by leather. Love this bag!

    Anita | September 3, 2015

    I love the color of this bag! The size is perfect, too.

    Vikii | September 3, 2015

    It's everything I want in a bag (size, shape, and three strap options). I wish it came in leather too.

    Jamie | September 3, 2015

    Great bag purchased about a week after it came out I don't normally do that but it was love at first sight with the cross body and hand held strap. The size is perfect for me holds a lot also purchased the Jerry tassel for a rockin bag.

    Sg | September 3, 2015

    Perfect size, function and organization. Everthing has a dedicated place (ie phone in front pocket.....) The interchangable straps are genius. Easy to find anything you put in this bag! This is my 5th MZ Wallace bag!!!!!

    April | September 3, 2015

    I love this bag. It is bigger than I thought it would be. It is also more of a deeper red- almost maroonish red. It looks more like a fire house red in the pictures. Anyway, it is really roomy and not too heavy. Because of the material it will slide around on your leather seat in your car. So keep it secured!

    Nikki | September 3, 2015

    the style of this handbag is a dream... as a loyal MZ Wallace fan... you know you're getting organization meets style every time you invest in a MZ Wallace handbag and the Small Nikki is no exception! really clean lines, perfect pocket placement, and the three strap silhouette is oh so perfect!

    Heather | September 3, 2015

    I love the small nikki - or as I've affectionately called it, "Snikki". The plusses for me are: 1) smaller size, yet nice east/west formation that plops open easily and wide. 2) short handles are easy to carry. 3) pleated pocket is a nice touch, reminiscent of your older bags which were all pleats. The slip pocket inside in the front pocket is a nice touch as well, I put my phone in it. 4) it's extremely light-weight - it reminds me of Clara, but better for long days. The things I would change, if you do a Snikki 2.0, would be: 1) Pleat the rear outside pocket too. 2) Third strap - the thin longer leather one - I don't use it. It cuts into the shoulder a bit, and the bag is too clunky with all 3 attached. I am looking forward to this bag coming in other colors this fall!

    Lee | August 23, 2015

    ...not quite as advertised. The lining is not warm cafe. It is black. I prefer lighter insides; easier to see my stuff. Glad the outside pleated pocket fits my iPad though. Very convenient. And the 3 handles are a great idea, especially the shortest.

    Dolores | August 18, 2015

    Just received this bag and immediately took it on a trip. It met all my expectations of an MZW bag and loved the choice of straps and handles. I've purchased many expensive Italian handbags without all the features of these multi function MZW bags and we all know what leather looks like after it's been rained or snowed upon. Shall purchase more!

    Brooke | August 11, 2015

    I have not gotten the bag yet but handles that one can remove if not using. I cannot remember the times I have thought of this idea. Then to get one in red yea it will go with my car color. What could be better.

    Adriana | June 21, 2015

    My wish has come true, you have made bags with multiple handles, so my addiction will continue. I am still carrying Claire so I will wait for a sale or special offer to order the NIKKI. The Claire handles are too short to wear with a coat, but perfect for summer. I have received so many compliments over the years about your bags. Adriana

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